Art by Ariel


A friend of mine sent me a link this morning to an AMAZING artist based out of Ohio.  Art by Ariel's etsy store features giclee paintings of young, natural hair girls, in every shade of brown.  I'm not an art critic by a long shot, so I won't try to explain analyze her work in "art speak", all I can say is her work is just absolutely jaw dropping.

As if I needed another reason, the images of these little girls surely tugged at my womb.  She also has another series featuring the Obama family that is equally impressive.  Enough talking from me...Enjoy her work below and head over to her etsy store and make a purchase.  I know I am.

P.S. She also does custom orders.

Obama Series


  1. I'm in love! These pics are beautiful

  2. I'm loving your round ups -- art, clothes and furniture. What more can a girl want? I'll definitely be sharing this art with all my friends.


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