Fashionistas, Meet STYLESAINT


StyleSaint is the brainchild of  Allison Beal and Brian Garrett.  It is like the Pinterest for fashion and in my opinion takes social media to new heights.  Users can sign in with their facebook or twitter accounts and once logged in, can tear from over 55,000 images from which they can create their own stylebooks.  You can even create stylebooks from images you find online, once you apply to be part of the StyleSaint Creative Collective, the group of passionate editors that scours the web looking for, linking to and tagging stunning, fashion-related images.  Once you curate your fab stylebook, the platform then gives you the ability to share it on other social media platforms.

I love how they describe their target audience.
The StyleSaint girl is fiercely independent yet charmingly feminine, unapologetically sexy yet saccharine sweet. She is the quintessentially nonchalant IT girl with a twist, the epitome of rebellious cool.
It's still a new site, but it is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  I could lost in the "tear sheets" for hours.  I'll soon "apply" to be a style editor and add my voice to the mix.  Head over to StyleSaint and indulge in some eye candy.

My New Crush: Cobalt Blue


 It seems like I've been seeing this color everywhere lately.  I'm not exactly sure if it's a real design trend or if I'm subconsciously seeking it out.  Either way, I'm in LOVE and I'm going to deck my whole house in this bad boy.  It's so calming, yet vibrant at the same time. To me, it gives any space a touch of luxury in the right doses.  If this is a trend, I really hopes it stays around for a while because mi casa is gonna be decked out in this hue.


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The girl behind the blog


I just completed a monumental task. Writing my "about me" page. I know it's not much, but I really find it difficult to write about myself. For so long, I've defined myself by what I do. I can give you an elevator speech on my job EASY, but this blog is my "personal' journal of sorts, so writing about that side of me had me sweating bullets for a bit. One of my goals with this blog is to be comfortable giving others a glimpse into my crazy...good crazy.

Check it out here. I created a question and answer format, as I think it is much easier to read. I hope to add to it as time goes along and reveal more. Please leave comments with questions you want me to answer.

I'm off to L.A. to participate on a sustainability panel with some heavy hitters, Wish me luck.

Have a grand weekend!

Daily Read: COCOCOZY


I’ve read countless blogs over the last four years, but there are a few that I make a point to read daily, sometime multiple times a day.  The one that tops that list is COCOCOZY. She shares some amazing photos and her sense of humor is just captivating.  I like that she takes the time to actually “write” on her blog and does not rely solely on pictures.  Her content is original and consistent and she brings her readers into her world without revealing too much.  On my busy or lazy days, when I only have time to enjoy her pictures, I bookmark that page to revisit later and read the content.  My favorite is the p.s., p.p.s. and p.p.p.s., and I read them ALL. (Yes, it is that good).
In addition to writing a fabulous blog, she’s also managed to launch a stellar home line, exhibit at the New York International Gift Fair, all while keeping her day job and did I mention she gets invited to the most fabulous parties.  I don’t know how she finds the time to do all this…this woman is fierce.
She definitely inspires me to step my game up.  I look at my little etsy shop that I started in ’08 and think, you can and SHOULD go bigger. It is fitting that I get to feature her on this International Day of the Girl, because this is one girl that has inspired me and I’m sure numerous other girls that read her blog every day.  Check out her blog here.

What is your favorite blog?

my design obsession


Four years ago, a random trip to a local fabric store ignited my passion for interior design. Coincidentally, around the same time, I stumbled upon my first design blog and my interest has not slowed down since. My trip to the fabric store opened my eyes to different colors, patterns and textures and how the right combination can instantly lift a room from ordinary to AMAZING.

Viewing pictures of great designs on my favorite blogs evoked feelings of calmness and inspiration. At that point, I GOT it. Good design can do for your state of mind what a great outfit can do for your confidence. Your home is your haven and it can be functional AND beautiful.

This had led to my love of DIY. There is nothing that brings me much joy than giving new life to forgotten or unwanted treasures, or taking a piece of furniture and adding your own special touch to it.

What is YOUR passion? How did you discover it?

Here are some projects I’ve completed over the last few months.

Have you done any fun projects lately?

class is now in session


I have jumped in.  Into the world of blogging that is.  Shifting from passive peruser, to active contributor.  But first, I must learn the ropes from those who have come before me.  I am enrolled in Holly Becker's e-course "Blogging Your Way Boot Camp" and I will say, I am super excited.  Holly is the author of decor8, and I have followed her blog for years. 

First day of class and I'm already learning so much.  Looking forward to the next four weeks.

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