Thanksgiving Table Settings


In just a couple of days, most of us will gather with family and friends around the dinner table to give thanks. While I do love Thanksgiving, what I do not LOVE are the turkey themed decor I frequently come across.  I want turkey on my plate not necessarily printed on it.  This Thanksgiving, I wanted to share with you some stylish table settings sans the turkey print.

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Game Day Style Board | Kansas St. Vs Baylor


This week's style board features the newly minted #1 team in the BCS, Kansas State and Baylor in a Big 12 match up.  Last week saw a major shake up in the standings with Alabama's loss to the Aggies, so it will be interesting to see of K State remains  #1 after this weekend.

Hope you like this week's edition of Game Day Style Board.


Fashion Files | The Trench Coat

The  mercury has definitely dipped here in Houston.  For some of you, that happened months ago, but this is one of the perks of living in Texas for me.  One of the few things I like about these cooler temperatures, is that I get to break out my trench coat.  There's something so classy and sexy about a woman in a trench coat and pumps. 

Last fall, I unintentionally caused a bit of a stir in the lobby of my office building.  I walked out of my building to go to lunch wearing my trench coat over a dress with some black pumps.  I noticed a group of suits talking in the lobby, I'm guessing they were senior management.  They literally stopped their conversation and stared at me as I walked pass.  Confused by what just happened, I stopped by a male co-workers desk on my way back to get his insight.  He took a look at me and said "It's the trench coat".  He went on to explain that men are visual and since they couldn't really see what was underneath (my coat was longer than my dress), their imaginations were most likely running a muck.  Hmmm...Interesting
Back to regularly scheduled programming.

Did you know this iconic piece was actually invented for soldiers?  Or that there is a debate on who actually invented the trench coat?   Burberry and Aquascutum both claim to have “invented” the trench coat, Burberry’s first trench was in 1901, whereas Aquascutum’s design dates back to 1850.  I'm not going to pick sides on this debate, but what we do know is that  Thomas Burberry invented gabardine in 1880, the fabric used to construct most trench coats. Soldiers wore trench coats, made by both by Burberry and Acquascutum, over their uniforms in World War I.  It is said that the shoulder straps were for insignia and that the D rings were used to attach hand grenades.   It wasn’t until after the war that the trench coat began being worn by civilians.

The trench coat has come a long way.  Here a few images of some amazing coats with a modern twist.  My favorite is the "cape like" rendition worn by Victoria Beckham.  Which one do you LOVE?

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Etsy Round Up | Artwork


Buy Here
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Chalkboard Walls

If I were brave enough, I'd love to paint a wall in my house with chalkboard paint and get in on this craze.  Since my house is less than 6 months old, I feel a little funny about doing anything dramatic to it.  Hopefully in a couple of years, once the newness wears off, chalkboard walls will still be cool and I'll pick up a paintbrush and go crazy with it.  Until then, I'll just drool over these pretty pictures.

P.S. Did you know you could make your own chalkboard paint in ANY color?  Neither did I.  Great tutorials here and here.

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Hold Tight


I'll be back tomorrow.  My Monday felt a little bit like this...

Game Day style Board: Oregon vs California


For this weeks Game Day Style Board, lets head to the PAC-10 with Saturday's game featuring #2 Oregon Ducks and the California Bears.  Full disclosure - I'm not a fan of the ducks, the sole reason being that we (Wisconsin Badgers) lost to them in the Rose Bowl last year....Lost BAD.  Despite my feelings about the team, I tried to be fair with their picks.  I hope I succeeded.


Oregon: Scarf | Sweater | Gap Oxford Shirt | Jeans | Boots

California: J Crew Blazer | T-Shirt | Jeans | Converse Shoes

Let's Toast


Months of campaigning reached an electrifying end last night with the re-election of President Barack Obama. Whether you voted Red or Blue, the voters spoke last night. It is now time for us all to come together and work to move this country forward.

In honor of the President's re-election, let us toast to the countless volunteers who worked tirelessly on both sides, the democratic system that gives voices to its people, the candidates and their families who have sacrificed so much and to you the voter, for making it to the polls against all odds.

What better way to toast, than with a cocktail iconic to the south side of Chicago, where the President's political career all started.  So fix yourself a drink, pat yourself on the back and let's get ready to WORK!

2 oz. vodka, gin, or white rum
The juice of one lemon
2 tsp. of granulated sugar

Place ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously to bruise the mint leaves
Strain into a chilled collins glass filled with ice


This election...


Inspiring Work Spaces


Happy Monday People! As we all get ready for the work week, I wanted to leave you with these pretty images of these inspiring work spaces.  I'd take any one of these rooms and I have no doubt they will greatly improve my productivity.  In reality, my office space is more like a 6' by 6' grey box, but a girl can dream, can't she? 


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Game Day Style Board: Alabama & LSU


People that know me know that I'm a college football fanatic. One of the series I'll have on this blog is "Game Day Style Board", where I'll pick a college game and create a style board for the two teams. What better way to get things started than to highlight the "game of the year". The rematch of the BCS National Championship game this Saturday between Alabama and LSU is poised to be have football fans across the country glued to their screens or cheering at the top of their lungs in “death valley”. 

I enlisted the help of another die hard college football fan, my stylish friend and co-worker, Sarah, to create this first edition of the Game Day Style Board.  Whether you’ll be chanting “Roll Tide,” “Geaux Tigers” or still trying to wrap your mind around a “first down”, we can all agree that she picked some winning looks.


Shopping links

Alabama Look 1: White Bitton Down Shirt | Crimson Sweater | Jeans | Nail Polish | Bracelet | Earrings | Loafers

Alabama Look 2: Moto Jacket | White T-Shirt | Jeans | Houndstooth Scarf | Earrings | Flats

LSU Look 1: Purple Blazer | White T-Shirt | Jeans | Necklace | Watch | Flats

LSU Look 2: Dress | Belt | Scarf | Watch | Flats

November Wish List


I cannot believe it's already November. This year has just flown by. This post is the first of a monthly series, where I share somethings I'm just dying to have.  This is by no means a complete list and sadly ninety percent of them will remain a "wish".  I hope you are inspired.

1. J Crew Trench
2. Alexander McQueen Skull Bracelet
3. Red Scarf
4. Diane von Furstenberg Booties
5. J Crew Flats
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Mini Shopper 
7. Gap Metallic Jeans
8. Iman Sultana Lattic Fabric
9. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty
10. Reiko Kaneko Lip Tease Mug
11.West Elm Chandelier
12. Vintage Wood Hand
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